19 Jan

The problem with gas supplies right now 

There is an ongoing LPG issue happening in the UK. We’re receiving a number of calls from customers who are having starting issues with their Gas forklifts. Here is everything that we know about the issue so far, what to do if you are affected and how we can help. 

Why is this happening? 

The issue lies with the low quality of the LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) that is being supplied by liquid gas companies. The malfunctions are caused by residues within the liquid gas that leave heavy tar deposits on the relief valve in the LPG regulator/vaporiser. As a result, the gas-air mix is too rich, leaving many users finding that their LPG trucks are either not starting at all or running rough. The issue can also lead to a smell of gas from the forklift as the relief valve is stuck open. The issue is affecting our customers in the UK and in several regions in Europe. 


If you own an LPG truck and it’s not starting after a few attempts, do not keep attempting to start the machine. Continuing to attempt to start the truck is a safety hazard which could lead to serious damage, costly repairs and potential harm to the user. Repeated attempts to start the truck can result in the formation of an explosive gas-air mixture in the engine department and immediate vicinity. If your LPG truck isn’t starting, you should: Resist any further starting attempts Close the shut-off valve on the gas bottle Notify us (or your service partner) to request an inspection and repair if needed All customers who are experiencing problems should reach out to us so that we can help resolve the issue. Please give us a call on 0121 359 4387/0161 872 1611 – we can provide help and further information. 

Wherever possible, we would also encourage customers to get in touch with their LPG bottle suppliers with their complaints. Gas companies need to import gas that’s of acceptable quality, and pressure on the companies in question is the best way to drive change and prevent costly repairs for users. While cleaning and rebuilding regulators/vaporisers with a heavy build up can help the problem, unfortunately using poor quality gas means this will be an ongoing issue for LPG users.      

 If you require any more information, or you’re affected by this ongoing problem give us a call on 0121 359 4387/ 0161 872 1611.

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